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What is the warranty on a Gerard Roof Tile?

We have a 50-year pro rate surface coating warranty. See our warranties section for further details.

Are your Gerard Tiles normal coloured steel?

No, our product is better. They are manufactured from the same base material but Gerard Tiles have a coating twice as thick as normal coloured steel and have better fade resistance.

Are steel tiles cheaper than concrete?

Yes, in many cases – especially in two-storey or split level houses. The cost saving is in the structural support (timber) because Gerard Roofs are lightweight and they do not therefore need as must structural support.

Are steel tiles cheaper then longrun?

Both are about the same cost once you take into account the supply and fit of purlins for longrun which is not usually included in a quote.

Can we collect drinking water?

Yes, Gerard Roofs are safe to collect drinking water off. After being installed you need to wait for two good rainfalls before beginning collection.

Do Gerard Roofs stand up to coastal environments?

Yes it does and still retains the 50-year weatherproof warranty and the 15-years surface coating pro-rated warranty. See our warranties section for further details.

Apex Metal Roofing
What is the minimum pitch for your Gerard products?

    • Gerard Tuffcoat – 12 degrees
    • Gerard Colortile – 12 degrees
    • Gerard Corona – 15 degress
    • Gerard Senator – 15 degrees
    • Gerard Oberon – 20 degrees

Apex Metal Roofing
Is underlay required for concrete tiles?

Only tiles under 17 degrees inpitch require underly.

Are Gerard Roofs noisy?

No. Our tiles are just over a metre long, meaning sound waves are dampened because they cannot travel far.

What is the batten spacing for tiles?

    • Gerard Tuffcoat Tile – 370mm
    • Gerard Colortile & Corona – 370mm
    • Gerard Senator – 185mm
    • Gearard Oberon – 160mm

Apex Metal Roofing
What is the thickness of your tiles?

The thickness of a tile is 0.4mm